Teaching studio- Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Teaching Studio- Greenpoint, Brooklyn

About Lessons

In general, lessons will be geared toward reaching goals set by YOU. Starting at your first lesson, we will talk about what you want to accomplish; maybe you want to reach a higher level technically, play in a certain style, accompany yourself singing, learn or improve your songwriting/composition skills, understand or study music theory, or just learn how to strum your favorite songs... Whatever it may be, we'll work on getting there together!

During the process of reaching your goals, we will also work on you're fundamental knowledge of the guitar and music in general. This will include working on technique, scales, chords, positioning, rhythm, ear training, reading and writing, etc.

Ideally, we would be able to combine these studies with your individual goals; for instance, maybe while learning your favorite song we will study the musical theory involved in it's composition, or learn how to transcribe it (write it down). There are endless possibilities of how your lessons could unfold and I look forward to creatively exploring them with you.

For greater detail, check the FAQ section of this website.

Teaching Style and Philosophy

My lessons are generally relaxed and friendly. I believe the best motivation is the reward of enjoying yourself and being proud of your accomplishments. I strongly believe stress and fear are unnecessary in a learning environment. The only time you'll see me annoyed is if I think a student is not trying.

The learning process is unquestionably different with every individual, that's why all my lessons are crafted to fit the personal needs of the student.

This is one on one learning, not like regular schooling. I believe institutional style learning is fundamentally flawed (not worthless, but flawed indeed)... This is why I choose to teach privately (rather than at a college or any other institution), so that I can approach the student's needs in a way that the student and I think is best. I don't believe in "cramming"! -we will cover all subjects in a manner that will allow you to soak in the information, not just memorize it for a short period of time. 

Music is very hard and it takes practice -you should be cautious of any teachers or schools that will tell you otherwise. But it can, and should be, a lot of fun. What's most important to me is that you enjoy yourself! Don't be afraid to ask questions, and remember it's ok to be confused.

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Teaching Studio- Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Teaching Studio- Greenpoint, Brooklyn

I highly recommend taking classes with Colin. I really feel like I am learning and he makes sure I get a combination of what I need and what I want.
— -Ian Maher (Unitarian Minister)